Electrical Contracting

The licensed electricians at Remodeling by J.R. Graves can handle all your electrical needs from hanging new fixtures to a complete rewiring or new electrical service installation.

If you are planning a remodeling project, updating your electrical system should be factored in. The electrical system that was adequate twenty years ago just cannot handle the electronic equipment and appliances we use today. Even if you are not adding or remodeling an entire room, updating the lighting in your kitchen, family room or office can improve both the function and appearance of the space.

Like everything else in home or business, ongoing maintenance is required. Some older homes are still running on screw fuses and have limited space for adding additional circuits. Upgrading your electrical service to a circuit breaker panel will provide more available space, plus the added amperage for future loads.

Updating your electrical system will ultimately provide you with a safer, more energy efficient place to live and work.



  • New Electric Service
  • Rewiring
  • New Fixtures
  • Code Compliance


Generator Installation

An in-home generator can supply electricity to your residence during power outages or extreme weather conditions. It allows you to continue using essential appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, sump pumps, and refrigerators, as well as lights. An in-home generator will start with the push of a button or automatically—you don't even have to be home—it is connected to the house wiring and the natural gas supply. The generator is installed outdoors on a cement pad near the natural gas source, according on your city codes.

There's no need to be in the dark or deal with unnecessary flooding, food spoilage, or extreme temperatures. An in-home generator can give you peace of mind.

If you are considering the purchase of an in-home generator, Remodeling by J.R. Graves can advise you as to the correct size unit for your home and as well as install it.



  • Automatic Standby
  • Generator Selection
  • Generator Installation

Senior Safety

Senior safety or "aging in place" home modifications are becoming extremely important as the aging population prefers to remain in their homes.

Remodeling by J.R. Graves understands the value of these modifications. Making some simple changes such as installing grab bars, hand-held showerheads, walk-in tubs, lever door handles, and improved lighting can allow an older person many more years in their familiar surroundings. More complex modifications may include widening doorways for wheel chair accommodation, lowering countertops, and installing ramps or elevators. Easy access in and out of the home is important as well.

We will be glad to visit the home and assess what is needed to keep the senior resident happy, comfortable, and safe in their own residence.



  • Grab Bars/Ramps
  • Specialized Fixtures

...and more!

With our team and the leadership of J.R. Graves, anything is truly possible. We have decades of experience and have worked on projects large and small across the Chicagoland area.  Chances are if you need it done...we've already done it!